In order to maintain the validity of the certificate, the applicant must carry out a follow-up audit after the certificate is obtained. One part of the follow-up audit is the one-day on site factory supervision and audit. Generally speaking, the factory supervision audit is similar to the initial audit, and the time is shorter and the cost is lower. Normally, certificated products no longer require testing in designated laboratories in China. However, a full item audit is required every five years after the certificate is obtained. It is a full-term audit, and the time is the same as the initial review for two days.

The Certification depends on document review result, test result and audit result. The certification body will evaluate in detail the conclusion of the type test, the conclusion of the factory site audit, and the consistency between the actual product and the sample submitted for the type test. If the factory audit and test results do not suit the certification requirements, or the corresponding materials are missing, the certification application may not be passed.

Once the certification is not passed, the certification body will issue a written report to inform the reasons. Re-conducting the type test or factory site audit will cause additional costs.

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