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CQC Energy Storage Product Certification

As a globally renowned third-party certification body, CQC has been contributing to the development of new energy industry and power development, and have established a sophisticated whole-industry-chain, whole-process quality assurance system of PV and wind power generation.

Measures for the Administration of Imported and Exported Commodities Inspection and Acceptance(GACC Decree No. 259)

Since 1 December 2022. For goods exported to china, According to the quality and safety risk assessment results of imported and exported commodities, the General Administration of Customs determines and announces the scope of commodities that can be accepted and their specific requirements for acceptance, and implements dynamic adjustments.

Hygienic Requirements Certification of Study Products for Myopia Prevention and Control in Children

CQC has launched the certification hygienic requirements for myopia prevention and control of teaching multimedia products for children and adolescents, aiming at improving the eye protection performance of teaching multimedia products and effectively protecting the eyesight health of children and adolescents.