CQC Logo Certification

CQC’s product certification covers 78 types of products,  such as, household and similar electrical appliances, electrical products, automobiles, motorcycles, tires, safety glass, audio and video products, information products, medical equipment, safety products, daily hardware, ceramics, cement, machine tools, toys, valves and small gasoline engines.

Advantages of CQC logo certification:

  • The product with CQC certification indicates that products are fully satisfied to or higher than the relevant Chinese standards, and the reputation of the company and the quality of products are greatly enhanced.
  • Many types of CQC certified products are components of products. The components with CQC certification don’t need to be tested randomly for CCC products certificate. On one hand, cost of test will be saved, and on the other hand, the risk of test will be reduced.

Our Services:

  • Acceptance of application
  • Technical Support
  • Type test samples delivery
  • Intial and follow-up factory inspection
  • Translation