CCIC France’s traceability business relies on CCIC’s brand credibility, its service network around the world, and its advantages in the fields of inspection, identification, certification, and test services. On-spot verification, inspection, test, certification, factory inspection are used to  verify  products’ quality, specifications, etc.. And through the independent-developed global commodity traceability platform to ensure that products and logistics can be traced.

Our Traceability Platform:

Our traceability platform can trace the whole life cycle of a product  from production,  logistics, trade, consumption, with information concerning  appearance, label, origin, test, certification, logistics and customs clearance, etc. The  above information can be presented to consumers through mobile phone and computers.

Our services:

  • Consultation about Imported food laws, regulations and policy
  • Design of labels in Chinese
  • Product testing
  • Factory inspection
  • Supplier audit
  • On-spot verification
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Supervision of loading and unloading
  • Making of traceability labels