Organic Products

Organic products are products produced, processed and marketing with Chinese national standards for organic products, which are agricultural products using sustainable agricultural technologies. Transgenic products, synthesized pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, feed additives are prohibited to be used in the production of organic products.

According to the regulations of China’s organic product certification, organic products in the Chinese market must have organic product certificates issued by a Chinese authorized agency. Products cannot be sold in Chinese market as organic products without Chinese organic product certificates, even if they have certificates from other countries.

CCIC France provides consultancy services for customers to obtain China’s organic product certification certificates, such as:

  • Consultation of Chinese laws, regulations
  • Documents check and correction
  • Guide customers to complete certification application
  • Translation
  • Direct delivery of samples and application materials to inspection and evaluation agencies
  • Close follow-up, timely feedback, receive and answer comments
  • Assistance of management after certification

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