Food Testing

In China, imported food is subject to strict control. Food shall be tested by the local authorities during customs clearance, and those not up to relative Chinese laws and regulations are to be called back or destroyed.

Products of dairy, infant formula milk powder, fish, olive oil and wines are required to provide with special test reports  to pass the Chinese inspection and quarantine and customs clearance. Products shall be tested according to the relevant Chinese norms and national standards (GB Standards), accordingly, the report in Chinese issued by CCIC France is more useful.

The Food Testing Services Include:

  • Regular physical and chemical test
  •  Nutrient
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Bacteria and toxic
  • Heavy metals
  • Analysis for food additives and elements
  • Pesticide residue test

As your testing partner, we can provide you in time with accurate test reports in conformity with European and Chinese standards.

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