CQC Energy Storage Product Certification

As a globally renowned third-party certification body, CQC has been contributing to the development of new energy industry and power development, and have established a sophisticated whole-industry-chain, whole-process quality assurance system of PV and wind power generation. In the meanwhile, in order to better serve the need of electrical energy storage industry, CQC has been working actively on developing certification and evaluation system of energy storage product in China, putting out safety and performance certification services targeting on lead-carbon battery, lithium ion battery, power conversion system, battery management system, energy storage system and collaborating closely with a number of clients in related industry on certification and evaluation, which have received high recognition and compliments regarding to the professional service, technical proficiency as well as certification result.

Testing Resources:

The testing resources CQC possesses include CQC-Trusted Testing Technology Co.,Ltd., CCIC Southern Testing Co.,Ltd., CQC In-time Testing Technology Co.,Ltd., Guangdong Testing Institute of Product Quality Supervision etc., covering the scope of energy storage battery, power conversion system and energy storage system etc..

Catalogue of Energy Storage & Power Electronics Products Certification Launched by CQC:

lead-carbon battery, lithium ion battery, power conversion system, battery management system,power electronic capacitor,energy storage battery,super power capacitors for energy storage in power sector, battery cable for electric energy storage system, lithium ion battery pack used in solar street lamps, lithium ion cell and battery used in portable electric equipment.

Measures for the Administration of Imported and Exported Commodities Inspection and Acceptance(GACC Decree No. 259)

GACC Decree No. 259 was announced on 20 September 2022 and shall come into force as of 1 December 2022. For goods exported to china, According to the quality and safety risk assessment results of imported and exported commodities, the General Administration of Customs determines and announces the scope of commodities that can be accepted and their specific requirements for acceptance, and implements dynamic adjustments.

The accepted organizations shall, according to the entrustment of the consignee and consignor of the imported and exported goods or its agent, submit an inspection report to the customs through the acceptance management system before the relevant imported and exported goods are declared, unless the acceptance requirements are otherwise stipulated; if it is not submitted within the prescribed time limit, the customs will not accept it.
Unless otherwise stipulated in the acceptance requirements, within the validity period of the submitted inspection report, importing and exporting the goods of the same specification and model does not need to submit the inspection report repeatedly.
The consignee and consignor of imported and exported goods or their agents shall provide the customs with the inspection report number and the code of the accepted organization that issued the inspection report, and the customs shall examine the corresponding inspection report according to the acceptance requirements. If the requirements are met, the test results will be accepted; if the requirements are not met, the inspection results will not be accepted.
If the customs accept the inspection results, the consignee and consignor of the imported and exported goods or their agents shall submit a declaration of quality and safety compliance to the customs, and the customs will no longer conduct sampling inspections of the
imported and exported goods, except for the inspection conducted by the customs according to the needs of risk prevention and control.

For more information, please visit official website of GACC: Measures for the Administration of Imported and Exported Commodities Inspection and Acceptance (Chinese version)

if you need English version, keep free to contact us:



Hygienic Requirements Certification of Study Products for Myopia Prevention and Control in Children

Children and adolescents are the future and the hope of the nation. The myopia rate of children and adolescents in China remains high, and myopia is becoming a serious problem, which has attracted much attention from the society. In order to play the role of certification and better prevent and control myopia of children and adolescents, CQC has launched the certification hygienic requirements for myopia prevention and control of teaching multimedia products for children and adolescents, aiming at improving the eye protection performance of teaching multimedia products and effectively protecting the eyesight health of children and adolescents.

This certification service is applicable for teaching multimedia products for children and adolescents, including projection equipment with projection screen size 80 in and TV video display system with display screen size 60 in, such as projectors, televisions and displays. The main assessment indicators include: blue light protection, flicker, maximum screen brightness, brightness contrast, brightness uniformity, brightness viewing angle, illumination uniformity, light output, etc.

Product Name: Teaching Multimedia Products

Business code: 001116

Implementation rules: CQC16-452633-2022 “Certification Rules for Hygienic Requirements of Multimedia Products for Myopia Prevention and Control in Children and Adolescents”

Referenced standard: GB40070-2021 Hygienic Requirements of Study Products for Myopia Prevention and Control in Children and Adolescents

CQC Eclectic Tools and Accessories Certification Service

1 Service Introduction

As a third-party professional certification body, CQC has long been engaged in certification, testing and technical services in the field of electric tools and accessories, providing all-round value added services. CQC provides CCC self-declaration service of electric tools, certification and testing service of electric tools and accessories, and issue international certificates such as CB, CE and PSE to help clients meet the requirements of international mutual recognition system.

2 Product Scope

Electric tools and the accessories products include but are not limited to:

hand-held electric tools, battery tools, rechargeable battery packs for electric tools, battery chargers for electric tools, commutators for electric tools, appliance switches for electric tools, electronic control modules for brushless electric tools, etc.

3 Services we provide

Product certification and testing for CCC self-declaration electric tools

CQC-mark certification of safety and EMC for electric tools and the accessories

International certification of electric tools such as CB, CE, PSE, etc. Other technical services related to product safety and compliance

CQC Green Product Certification for Delivery Packing

With the vigorous development of online shopping, tens of millions of pieces of express waste every day have imposed severe challenges to the environment. In order to promote the green development of the express packaging industry, the State Post Bureau issued the “Technical Requirements for the Evaluation of Green Products in Express Packages” based on GB/T 39084 “Green Product Evaluation: Express Packaging”on October 10, 2020 . Subsequently, on October 30 2020, the State Administration for Market Regulation and the State Post Bureau jointly issued the  Announcement on the issuance of the “Certification Catalog of Green Product for Express Packaging” and “Green Product Certification Rules of Express Packaging” as the guidelines and technical basis for green product certification of express packaging. The first batch of certification catalogue include: envelopes, boxes, packaging bags, container bags, electronic waybills, paper fillers, plastic fillers, suspended fastening newspapers, tapes and reusable express packaging.

As one of the pioneers to develop and implement green product certification, CQC has obtained the qualification of green certification for express packaging in 2021, and can carry out the green product certification of express packaging in an all-round way for the green transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the green development of express packaging industry, contributing to the green, sustainable development of the whole industry.

CQC Charging Facilities Service

As an important supporting facility in EV industry, EV charging facilities have boomed in recent years; however, at the same time, charging facilities have certain safety risks. As early as 2015, CQC made a layout and developed a number of projects for charging facilities, mainly including product certification and technical services:

In terms of product certification projects, CQC has completed the certification project of DC charging piles; AC charging pile; ICCPD; charging gun; charging cables and charging interfaces, which provided significant support for improving the quality of the industry. Regarding to product certification of charging facilities, CQC has the most complete qualifications in China, including:  CQC certification; Charging Alliance Markevaluation; Energy Saving certification of charging equipment products; IECEE CB certification and other certification services.

In terms of technical services, CQC developed personalized solutions according to the needs of the industry and the special requirements of clients to provide on-site technical services for enterprises and the government, which are mainly divided into two aspects: on-site inspection of public charging stations for the government, large-scale energy operators, high-end real estate; Installation inspection and quality improvement services for self-use charging facilities for new energy vehicle enterprises.

Since 2015, CQC has provided technical services related to charging facilities for many governments and enterprises, and has been unanimously recognized by the whole industry.

IECRE Wind Power Certification System

In order to facilitate the international trade of equipment and services in the field of renewable energy, IEC Conformity Assessment Bureau passed a resolution in June 2014 to approve the establishment of the Renewable Energy Certification System of International Electro-technical Commission, namely IECRE. IECRE system carried the purpose of adopting the quality international standard, establishing and operating an internationally- recognized certification system of renewable energy. It aims for a global-wide adoption of the certification results, driving global trade with a certificate accessible worldly.

IECRE wind energy certification system will establish a set of rules and procedures covering the assessment and certification of products and wind-power farm projects. But for concerns of the complexity in the wind energy certification system, IECRE gradually refines the whole certification system through clarification sheet and operation document. The globally unified implementation of this certification promote the recognition of certification results among stakeholders, played an important role in ensuring the security of the wind power industry, elevating the quality management of industry, lowering fiscal risks and boosting the financial services.

IECRE wind energy certification system has designed relevant certificate systems, technical requirements and issued certificate of compliance for wind energy products and projects in accordance with the corresponding development stages, shaping into a complete set of program for testing and certificating products and projects concerning wind-energy

CQC is the organization responsible for certification and inspection under the system of IECRE, listed as one of the first group of bodies qualified for testing, inspecting and certificating PV and wind-energy products.

IECRE PV Certification System

With the purpose to facilitate international trade in equipment and services in the field of renewable energy, the IEC Conformity Assessment Boardissued a resolution in June 2014, authorizing the establishment of the International Electro-technical Commission Renewable Energy Certification System, or IECRE. Following IECEE, IECQ and IECEx, IECRE becomes the fourth Conformity Assessment system.

IECRE system is in pursuit of developing high-quality international standards, building a renewable energy certification system unified globally. It boosts theworld-wide adoption of certificationresults, promoting the facilitation of international trade and making one certificate accessible across the globe.

IECRE PV project certification system will establish a set of scientific rules and procedures about the assessment and certification of PV power plant which cover all stages in the development of power plants to ensure a unified certification. IECRE PV project certification system contribute to the recognition of certification results by stakeholders, playing an important role in guaranteeing the safety of power plants, enhancing the industrial quality development, lowering financial risks ,improving financial services.

IECRE PV PV power plant certification designed relevant certificate system and technical requirement for different stages of a program, building an effective link among different certificates and shaping a complete set of program for the testing, inspection and certification of PV products.

CQC is a certification and inspection body under the IECRE system, joining the first batch of international organizations qualified for testing, inspection, certification on PV and wind-energy, the two major fields in IECRE system.


IECEE, subordinate to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a scheme responsible for the conformity assessment of electrical products and components. Formally established in 1985, IECEE-CB is one of the most successful international mutual recognition systems through CB test certificate issued by National Certification Bodies (NCB). Based on IEC International standards, IECEE-CB is globalized in terms of concept and practice, thus reducing trade barriers caused by differences in certification rules among countries and exploring new markets for industry.

CQC is the national certification body (NCB) that officially joins the IECEE CB system on behalf of China. It is entitled to directly issue CB certificates for 18 categories of products and more than 1400 standards (including different versions of standards). The CB test certificates issued by CQC are recognized by 54 member countries of IECEE system and some other countries and regions.

Scope: batteries (BATT), wire and cable (CABL), capacitors as components (CAP), appliance switches and automatic controllers for household appliances (CONT), energy efficiency (E3), electric vehicles (ELVH), household and similar use equipment (HOUS), installation accessories and connecting devices (INST), information technology and audio and video equipment (ITAV), lighting equipment (LITE), miscellaneous categories (MISC), information technology and office equipment (OFF), low-voltage high-power switchgear (POW), installation protection equipment (PROT), safety transformers and similar equipment (SAFE), portable power tools (TOOL), electronic entertainment equipment (TRON), Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Certification Process: Applicant submit the application and relevant technical materials—Product test in designated laboratories—Testing report evaluation.—CB testing report issuance

Service of CQC Data Center

In recent years, with the accelerated progress in the new infrastructure construction, the arithmetic infrastructure represented by data centers and intelligent computing centers thrived unprecedentedly. Responding to the guidance by national policy and catering to the market’s demands, CQC launched data center service covering design, manufacturing, energy saving as well as operation and maintenance. The service provided by CQC spans the whole life cycle ranging from design, construction delivery to perpetual operation and maintenance.

CQC data center provides services including infrastructure certification at the data center site, information system room power and environment system certification, data center energy saving certification, data center infrastructure operation and maintenance evaluation, data center design evaluation and other certification programs. Based on GB50174-2017 (Data Center Design Specification), GB/T 32910.3 (Data Center Resource Utilization Part 3: Electrical Energy Efficiency Requirements and Measurement Methods), GB/T 33136 (Data Center Service Capability Maturity Model for Information Technology Services), GB/T 51314 (Data Center Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance Standards) and other industrial common standards. By virtue of the standardized testing methods and technical requirements and the standard-meeting procedures involving testing, certification, CQC issued highly-credible certificates, gaining wide-spread approval from all walks of life.

CQC data center provides a whole life-cycle service, pursuing further industrial development, improving quality and efficiency. With safeguarding quality as the mission, CQC will play a better role in fostering a rapid and healthy industrial development with its professional, efficient and quality services, securing the boom of new infrastructure construction.